Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Little... Sewing Needle Case!

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Well, were you able to make a guess?
It's a little Sewing Needle Case!
I don't have a pattern for this, although I am thinking of how I could improve the theme of it. But I kind of like the sweet 'old world' look of it. Not contrived, it just... is.

Shiny new needles all in a row... elegant!

I love the look and feel of Pearled Pins...

Ribbons and Buttons... lovely!
This little vintage button has no other function than to sit and look a little cheeky while the cream ribbon bow holds things together!

I hope that my friend enjoys her little birthday Sewing Needle Case as much as I enjoyed making it.

with love,

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Edna H said...

Hi Cathie.....I'm just loving my little pillow, which is now in my big pillow. Thank you so much.
I also appreciated your blog tutorial...I will now be able to check out your other rooms....Blessings