Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sew Done!

Finally... my Little French Sewing Sewing Room has been completed!  

I am looking forward to sharing it with you in the days ahead - and also sharing with you those things that come from it.  My prayer has always been, in whatever I do, that it would be a blessing to others in some way... may you somehow be blessed.

I still have a few things to add, pictures to frame, Abigail (my dress form sewing mannequin) to redress and a few other things here and there.  I find that any room that I have in my home is never 'done'.  They are always evolving in some way or another, I anticipate that my Little French Sewing Room will be no different.

So, here are a few, quickly taken pictures, to give you a flavour of the delightful place that I now have to create in...

The drapes were easily sewn together in a few hours...
 and the 8 foot long table will soon have one more matching chair;
perfect for two sewers to sit, side by side (my daughter-in-law has asked for sewing lessons);
or just plain room enough for me to zip from one machine to the other!

The more than generous baskets hold all of my ribbons and trim, serger spools, and larger items, 
and are within easy reach...
The 'peg-board' is an old picture frame that I had painted black.
It is padded, with ribbon criss-crossed over the fabric, and further enhanced with vintage buttons.
A perfect place to pin my patterns and notes!

The dresser was purchased at a second-hand shop for $30...
it was the 1930's style mirror that originally caught my interest.
It too was painted black, 
and given new white knobbed handles.

It has lovely, long pull out drawers which easily houses all of my fabrics.
And the two side cupboards are generous spaces for extra storage of materials, such as linings, batting and quilting squares.

Not the best picture... but there is my little chair!

It sits beside a wall stencil of a little table...
a chair that's just ready for you to pull up and sit down on, 
whenever you drop by!