Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show and Tell Thursday!

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I've been doing a little Spring cleaning of my closet recently and was pleased to see that it is beginning to reflect a closet where many of it's garments have been hand-made.

This little summer dress is made from T-shirt soft jersey - it is so-o-o comfortable and easy to wear, just pull it on and go! It has capped sleeves and it wraps to gather at the side, and the back seam at the waist dips into a V-shape adding interest to the lines. It is the kind of dress that looks good with flip-flops, sandals or dressy, strappy shoes.

I originally had made it to wear to the ABBA movie last year - but it poured that night and so I opted for jeans and a sweater instead! So the first 'outing' that this little pink dress got was to last years Bible Study Wind-up at Marnie and Angie's home.... what a bunch of bathing beauty hams!

I enjoyed my little summer pink dress so much that I made a Fall version of the same pattern. I added sleeves and a collar and a skinny wrap belt. I also added cuffs to the sleeves, button holing both sides, then I covered four buttons in the same material and by joining two together made cute little button cuff links to match the dress and finish the look.

I quite often duplicate patterns that I really like. For instance, this Raw Silk pantsuit was made from material given as a gift to me by my Uncle's wife, material that they had purchased on their trip to the Orient many years previous and stored for as many years. I was thrilled with this generous gift and was determined to put it to good use.

The jacket is actually quite simple in design, but the ruffled collar adds that little bit extra. The single button closure at the waist incorporates a covered button in the same material and the front opened flare of the jacket keeps it from looking 'stuffy'.

Here is the Winter version of the same pattern. This time done in a blue wool, also a gift from my Uncle' wife, purchased while they were in Scotland. Once again, the ruffle adds interest and the front button is covered in fabric. I like covering the buttons with fabric so that the garment can be dressed up or down easily and jewellery choices are easily transitioned. I included a picture from the back so that you can see the seam lines and how they add to the overall look of the jacket.

I lined the pants for added comfort and warmth and wear this suit quite often. The great thing about having a suit is that the jacket and pants can be worn as separates - which I do quite often. This particular jacket looks great with jeans and a leather belt!

I won't bore you with everything that is in my closet, so I'll close with this light and airy blouse. It is made from crepe (and yes, it too has a peachy tied-dyed twin) and is so comfortable to wear. It has gathers on the side and lovely flared sleeves. I added a slit in the side to allow the wrap belt to easily pass through as the one front drapes over the other.

Well, there you have it.... I hope you enjoyed my Show and Tell Thursday!

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