Sunday, October 24, 2010

These Flapper Cloche hats and Fingerless Gloves...
 are really catching on this Autumn!

Linda's daughter Gina is presently visiting her family here and has seen the Hat and Glove Set that I had made for her mom's birthday gift and mentioned that she wouldn't mind having a set as well.

I've adorned Gina's hat,
 with a natural looking vintage wooden polished button,
set in the centre of the Floral Accessory.

And both the Cloche Hat and Fingerless Gloves 
have a saucy little taupe and white polka dotted ribbon running through.

I think Gina would look lovely no matter what she chose to wear, but I do hope that she enjoys her new Autumn and Winter accessories... made just in time to be dropped off at her mom's house before she heads back to her own home tomorrow!

Just had to post this picture of Gina with her two children, 
Sam and Lola, 
on Halloween night... 
love the hat!
(and the cheetah and the ladybug!)


Gina Woods said...

What fun to be featured in your blog! I was just poking around after I saw the link on my mom's blog and low and behold, there I am!
I do love the hat and gloves! I have worn them all season long. I always get comments on them, so thank you!

Cathie said...

Hi Gina, you're welcome sweetheart. Hey, this is fun getting to visit together here - looking forward to when you come to visit your folks and getting to see you in person! There is a ton of snow here today... I think you would be wise to bring a hat! :)