Thursday, December 30, 2010

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

I was a busy girl right before Christmas... lots of hats and things to crochet!  Even on Christmas Eve, the last hat was being quickly crocheted together!

This one is for Anne...

This one for Nina...

This one for Jude...

This one for Emma.

And it wasn't just for the girl's either -
here is a lovely Bamboo Yarn toque that I made for little Ryan!

 Each one of the little girls -
all received little hat's as well -
here they are all ready to be assembled in the production line!

I forgot to take pictures of them all completed, 
but here is the first one as an example of them all -
they sure did look cute all lined up and ready to be wrapped! 

Makenna received a poncho and matching hat.
The beads are ones that she enjoys playing with in my bead box -
and the colour of the yarn reminds me of Christmas Candy!

If Makenna was to receive a poncho and hat,
then her mama was to have one too!

Here she is on Christmas morning...

There were a few other gifts I made, that found themselves all brightly packaged away in Christmas paper before I got a chance to take pictures of them.  I just hope that they will bless those that receive as much as they did me in the making of them!

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