Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pocket Pillows

I thought that you might like to take a peek at one of the Pocket Pillows that I've recently made.
The idea actually originated with my granddaughter who had been looking through some photograph albums and wanted to take the pictures out in order to hold them.

I think it's lovely to have a soft pillow nestled on your lap holding precious photographs that can easily be held, shared and enjoyed... and if there ever is a concern of the originals being handled, it is so easy to have copies made.

Each Pocket Pillow that I've made reflects the theme or memory that's behind it.  This particular one is for the women that have come before me, a home to the recently acquired photographs that I have of my Grandmother and her sisters, my Great-Aunts on my father's side. 

 It was so enjoyable to look through and see their lives reflected back to me, from young womanhood, through middle-age and then into their latter years. In this photograph Great-Aunt Janet is standing at the back, my grandmother Jeanne is to the left, Liz is to the right, and my Aunt Meg (whom my bike is named after!) is to the front.

Pocket Pillows aren't only for pictures... they can also hold the book that you are currently reading along with your eyeglasses.  I always like to have a pillow on my lap to prop underneath my book whenever I lay or sit down to read, so this is perfect!  They can hold special letters, Kleenex.... whatever you choose to use them for... Pocket Pillows are definitely lovely to look at and practical too!                                                                       

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BabaLinda said...

Well, look at that!
I turn my back for a couple of weeks and voila!
So very pretty!! I like it.
Good job.