Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everything Old... Is New Again!

I love to be inspired...
And this week I was inspired by my friend Linda's daughter Gina.
You can check out her blog here to see what I mean!

I had an old sweater that I had in a bag
ready to send to The Salvation Army,
I thought that it would be a good item to try my hand at
making into something new.
I started by cutting it in half.

I rearranged the buttons and then cut off the excess, 
with the idea in mind of making a skirt for Makenna.
I sewed up the front, added an elasticized waist band and turned up the hem.

I rearranged the top portion as well and then cut off and reworked the sleeves.

And here is the end result.
I had a little left over and so made her some ankle warmer leggings to match.
It was so much fun and only took an hour.
I'm definitely going to be doing this again soon!
Thanks Gina!

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