Sunday, April 1, 2012


OK, so here's the story...
I was going to make a jersey tank dress,
but decided to get creative and make an asymmetrical long t-shirt instead.

 I decided on some flowy short sleeves
(did you know that 'flowy' is not a word?
'blowy' is but... I digress...)

Once the back and front had the look I was going for,
I headed to my serger to finish off the sleeves.

The material caught and was cut!
It is on the back of the right sleeve.

 I think it's kinda cool that it looks like a heart!
But again... I digress...

As this vintage lace will be on the bottom of the asymmetrical hem,
should I just cut out a small lace flower and place it over the cut?
Or just take out the sleeve and put in a new one?
Or maybe you've got an idea that hasn't even occurred to me yet!
I'm not doing anything until I hear from you!


Thanks Megan for your ideas!

Well, here it is...
the photo was taken at an awkward angle with my i-Phone,
so it's not showing at it's best!
I liked Megan's idea of incorporating the lace into the sleeves,
and it got me thinking.
Why not bring the lace up into the neckline and forgo placing it on the hemline.
So, the sleeve was replaced and the neckline was trimmed in the vintage lace.

I'm presently making leggings to match.
With a cute pair of summer shoes,
this outfit should be garden party ready in no time...
now, if only the weather would cooperate!

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