Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buttons and Lace

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Not too long ago, my friend Wendy had the daunting and emotional task of sorting through many of her deceased Aunt's belongings.  As she undertook to navigate her way through the items, Wendy came across many of her Aunt's sewing things and one afternoon asked if perhaps I was interested in looking at some of them.

A few weeks later, after a lovely visit, I was taken downstairs and shown through the boxes and bags.  I have still to sort through all that was given so kindly to me, but I just had to show you a few of the lovely vintage items.

I just know that the cotton and lace will be well used in many of my projects and will most definitely soon find their way into Altered Books and Journals, to be enjoyed for years to come!

I can just see these little beauties being made into a velvet cuff bracelet or incorporated into a lovely beaded vintage necklace!

These weighty little pendants are unique and beautiful... once again my head is reeling with ideas on how to use them!

These yummy and substantial bone buttons are very Art Deco and would look great on a linen jacket or elegant cardigan!

These little sparkling buttons caught my eye right away... wouldn't they make great button cuff links for a fall or winter blouse?

VERY 1930's!  Classy, elegant and just look great all grouped together on a dressing table!

These remind me of those little beaded candies that you find in a box of Licorice Allsorts!

A little more demure perhaps than her aforementioned sisters... but that's what makes this little button so lovely and charming!

Definitely Altered Book material!

My head is just FULL of creative ideas on how to use these vintage items and somehow I think that Wendy's Aunt would be pleased to know that her lovely and unique buttons and lace will be made into something that will not only showcase their beauty but bless others as well.

Hope you enjoyed!


BabaLinda said...

Your collection is YUMMY.

Margaret said...

Cathie, what a wonderful collection, I was blown away by the beauty of them all.I know you are going to put them all to good use, what fun you are going to have! I bet you wish you had known Wendy's aunt I'm sure you would have been great friends!