Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mothers, Wombs, Knitting and God

As lovely as our weather is... Fall is definitely in the air! The shadows are growing longer as the days are growing shorter - and in the midst of it all - my knitting basket is looking more and more appealing!

I try and make a new little blanket for each new baby that comes into our family and as my cousin's daughter will soon be having her second child, I have already begun to crochet a sweet little pattern.

I always enjoy praying for the baby while I knit or crochet, giving thanks for life, and for Life in His Name. For being born, and for being Born Again.

I enjoy the softness of the wool and the warmth that it provides me as it grows larger and sits upon my lap in the cooler evenings. I think about how soon it will have the sweet scent of a new little one woven into its fibres and how it will naturally drape and fold around tiny little hands and feet and that cute little bottom!

And I quite often think of how God Himself enjoys 'Knitting'. In Psalm 139 we see that He Himself formed our inward parts; and that He Himself wove us - knit us - in our mother's womb.

Mothers, wombs, knitting, and God. It just seems right somehow that my little knitting basket would beckon me this afternoon... that I would take pause in my day and think upon these things.

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Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Cathie~
I love the black & white picture of you on your profile. And this sewing room blog is adorable. Thank you for visiting me. Have a blessed day.