Monday, April 12, 2010

A Future Show and Tell!

I have been working on putting together a quilt as a gift to my mother for Christmas this year. I actually began working on the individual square panels quite a while ago and now that all 12 of them have been completed, it is time to design exactly how I am going to incorporate them into a full quilt using the other corresponding fabrics.

The name of this particular fabric line is called 'Wuthering Heights' designed by '3 Sisters'. Wuthering Heights, starring Lawrence Olivier as Heathcliff, was a favourite movie of mine when I was younger, it must have appealed to my Scot's blood and my young, romantic nature. Of course, it didn't hurt that the main female character's name was 'Cathie' and when that mighty wind wuthered around the heights of the moors it seemed to moan ... C-a-t-h-i-e-ee.

Wuther means 'a mighty wind that blows strongly and makes a roaring sound'. Honestly, it is going to take a mighty wind to get this girl's sails in a flap to move ahead on this quilt! - this is not a project that I anticipate getting done in a hurry - but I promise that I will show you the end result of my labours when all is completed. As I very rarely get apprehensive about any project that I undertake... I am a little surprised at how daunting this one seems to be to me. However, I am well on my way now, and actually, I am looking forward to what this will look like at the end of it all!

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