Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bag Lady!

Well, I finally figured out what to do with that vintage curtain fabric that I've been wandering around with for the past few months - may I introduce to you... my brand new Book Bag!

I'm really delighted with the way it turned out and can hardly wait to begin using it...

The design is a combination of things that I incorporated from other bags that I have enjoyed in the past. For instance, I made sure that there were two pockets placed inside - one on either side. This makes for neat and easy access, plenty of room to store my pens and pencils, glasses and pencil crayons.

The body of the bag itself is more than roomy enough for my Bible and study books, and even my lap-top! All the seams are triple re-enforced and the inside lining is a substantial, durable fabric that can handle the extra weight.

The shoulder strap is one continuous piece of fabric that runs around the entire outside edge of the bag for added strength - and beyond its just being plain functional, this bag is simple, soft, comfortable, and perfect for the summer months ahead. I am almost sure that I will be using it all the time... and not just for my books either! It is perfect as an overnight bag or as a summer tote.

So, now that this little project is all completed, and I like it so much, I am actually thinking of making another one and offering it as a Bible Study Giveaway in September... what do you think?


BabaLinda said...

Wow, that turned out really nicely. You will get so much enjoyment from using it. It's beautiful and very creative. Good job.

Margaret said...

Beautiful Bible Bag Cathie,sounds like a wonderful idea as a give away prize.
You are so talented!