Monday, May 31, 2010

Gramma's Apron Strings

Today, Margaret came for a visit and to spend some time planning out the pattern for, and sewing, a little apron for her grandson, Graham.  Margaret was recently inspired by the apron that I had made for my granddaughter and so very quickly we had the freezer paper out and after designing and cutting out the pattern, Margaret then set to work cutting out the material.

We then headed into the sewing room, set up the ironing board and got to work.  After ironing the seam allowances for a nice crisp edge, the sewing machine was threaded and soon began to purr as the top bib and bottom apron edges were completed.  
The waistband was the next to go on and so the pinning for that began.

The edges were sewn, leaving the top and middle sections open so as to insert the apron pieces.

Once everything was in place it was sewn all together and things were really beginning to take shape!
The little pocket templates were taken from the outline of a picture frame that happened to be close at hand while we were doing the cutting.

We made sure that the strips were heading in the opposite direction from the rest of the apron so that they stood out, making a bit of a statement.  A few extra little details were added...
...and then Margaret checked it out for size!  
It was a fun little project to do, 
and it was a lovely reason to spend the afternoon with a treasured friend.

Now, here is a look at the little fellow 
that will soon be the recipient of all his Gramma's efforts...

 ... it seems to me that an apron 
will not be wasted on this little chef in the making.

Well done, Margaret!

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