Sunday, July 4, 2010

Eye Spy....

I've been known to make a few of these little bags from time to time, giving them away as little token gifts, and every so often, when the 'embroidery bug' hits, this little bag is such a quick fix and can be filled with all manner of things.  

Both big... and little girls, can find uses for a little embroidered bag.
Little girls can keep their smaller hair accessories in it, or bracelets, perhaps some lip balm or rolls of life-saver candies.  I've even stuck a little soft toy rabbit in one and left it on the doorstep for Linda's little granddaughter Sophia to find!

Big girls can hang it off the bed post and have it filled with folded tissues or a nail buffer and file along with a small tube of handcream.  It can hold jewellery, loose change, dried lavender from the garden or.... it can be used as a lovely little place to keep your reading glasses! 

I am forever misplacing mine, so I decided that I would make this little bag for myself this time, and hang it on the door to my bookcase.  Just a little Simple Pleasure, that really took no time at all, but turned out to be not only useful, but cheery as well!

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