Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Lion King Dress

Well,  here it is, my Lion King dress!  I really did not think that I would be able to get this made in time for the evening of the show, as most of my 'sewing' focus these days has been on helping Amanda complete her Lion King dress and making new cushions for the summer gazebo - but, I had one day set aside and so that was the day that I began and finished the dress - I was so pleased.

It is a nice little pattern and the fabric is perfect for the drape of the neck cowl folds. The real test of course comes in the wearing of it, which I did last night as we all attended the Lion King stage production at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  I think that I may take in the waist band a little more, but maybe not - it was VERY comfortable and I felt good in it, albeit perhaps a little bit racy... I never would have chosen this animal print pattern normally, but for the Lion King... it was perfect.
And of course, what other outfit could I actually get away with wearing a necklace of puca shells with?!  I wrapped them around my wrist as a bracelet and I was good to go!
Having said all that, I have to add that it is the kind of dress that is not very forgiving in the figure department.  Being trim and fit is a definite plus in being able to pull this one off... I'm really going to have to watch that middle age 'thickening of the middle' if I am going to consider wearing this again!  

Oh, what we take for granted when we are young!

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