Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Testing Out Hat Patterns

I find myself in the mood to make some hats - crocheted hats!  It must be the Autumn nip in the air that is causing this stirring inside me or perhaps it was just the joy of seeing one of my other hats finally going home on the head of the little one that I had made it for!

Last year I had crocheted a little beanie hat for Makenna from the leftover wool of my afghan.

The hat didn't go over that well with her daddy, so it has  remained as a sweet accessory that's been sitting on my cabinet shelf in the Little Room. 

Until this Friday that is!

Makenna had come to play and it was a little chilly outside.  So, on went the hat and into the Autumn day we went.  When her mom saw the hat later on that day, she loved it, and after dinner, as I stood in the driveway and waved them off on their way home... there was that little hat, sitting on that little head... exactly where it was always meant to be.

I still have some wool left over so I am just beginning to make a few 'tester hats' using different patterns.  This is my first pattern attempt.     

I am really into the browns, pinks, sage greens and greys right now and so whichever hat I like the most, I will begin making in another colour.  

I'm thinking that I wouldn't mind a few cute hats for myself... it's supposed to be a very cold winter!

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