Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fingerless Gloves

I'm now making Fingerless Gloves to go along with the Flapper Cloche Hat.

I think that these are so practical,
keeping the hands warm,
and yet freeing up the fingers!

This is only a 'tester' glove as the bottom portion is made out of some left over cotton yarn, and the portion by the fingers is made from a cotton/synthetic blend.

The blend is actually so close to the cotton in texture, look, comfort and colour, that it really is not a big deal at all.  I'm thinking that they would make a great gift, along with a matching hat, for Christmas gifts this year!

Anyway, this 'tester' has given me an idea of how the glove actually works up,
I think they look pretty cute!
They will match my new hat beautifully...
not to mention that they'll look fabulous when I'm driving the Fun Bug this Winter! 

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