Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ok, so I am having way too much fun making hats and fingerless gloves... who knew?!
It really doesn't take much time at all and so I find I can slip in a glove here and there, and the hats work up so quickly, it's just a matter of finding the yarn and taking a few moments out.

I enjoy adding the finishing touches of ribbon, chunky flower and finding just the right button.

This button is vintage 1930's and it gives me great pleasure to know that it has found a place to show itself so well!

I have a lovely plaid scarf
that I think will go nicely 
with this set.

My next project will be a hat, and perhaps a little pair of fingerless gloves,
 for little Sophia's birthday.
I haven't decided on the style yet, or the colour - 
and getting the right fit is always the challenge...
but, I'm looking forward to seeing what slips off the end of my crochet hook!

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