Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Somebody's Getting A Quilt!

Somebody's getting a quilt!

After deciding to make a strip quilt,
I sat down at the sewing machine,
and hoping for the best,
 went at it with gusto!

With the pedal down, 
and the machine humming, 
I just kept going until all the strips were sewn together.

In under an hour,
I had made a large enough quilt top that I was able to cut it in half,
and have enough for TWO full sized quilts... FUN!

I've just finished cutting out the backing and border for both,
and will soon be making the binding to go around the edges,
then cutting out the batting to layer in between.

Over the next few days,
whenever time allows,
I'll drop into my Sewing Room and put it all together.
 THEN comes the fun of Free Motion Quilting for the finishing touch!

This is definitely a labour of love...
a little bit of my heart sewn into every stitch.

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