Friday, September 27, 2013

My, How Time Flew!

My goodness! 
 Time really must 'fly when we are having fun' after all!  
It seems like absolute ages since I've even attempted to show some of the items that I've been creating lately.  Now that Fall is upon us though, it seemed fitting that they make their appearance here before they find themselves on the shelves of The Boutique or wrapped up as gifts!

 The always classic Cloches are beginning to make their appearance.  I have another even twenty to get on the shelves tomorrow and then it's on to Fingerless Gloves!

The Slouch Hat is already on the shelves and is quickly becoming one of my favourite hats of the Season.  

The Headbands have also found their way into The Boutique although I've kept one aside for myself in anticipation of those brisk Autumn days ahead!

These little brim hats are always popular and stylish.

And the Versatile Cowl is not only cushy and easy to drape on,
but it's also a great way to add a bit of pizzaz to an outfit!

Well, there's much more to come in the following weeks...
glad to popped in to take a peek!

with love,

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