Monday, February 15, 2010

Matters of the Heart...

One of my favourite things to do, whenever I go to the Quilting Shop, is to look through their assortment of 'Fat Quarters'.

Just this past week, I came across this selection of materials, and immediately thought of my mother. These colours are not what I am usually most drawn to, but my mother loves the deeper tones of browns, russets and reds. I made my purchase, knowing exactly what I was going to make for her.

In less than 24 hours, my mother will be undergoing open heart surgery. I have heard that soft pillows are a necessary, and highly recommended, part of the recovery process as they ease the discomfort of the patient whenever they sneeze or cough or even when they have to clear their throat. I've seen the pillows that they give out in the hospital... they are red, shaped like a heart and have a graphic drawing of the heart with all it's chambers and arteries highlighted in blue, back and front... hmm-mm...I may be out there, but I'm thinking that perhaps that kind of pillow may prove to hinder, rather than help, recovery!

So, I drew up a simple pattern of what I thought I would like the pillow to look like and then began to cut and sew. As I embroidered 'Simple Comforts' on both sides, I gave thanks to 'The God of All Comfort', and brought before Him all matters of the heart, knowing that as I did - His perfect will be done.

I was pleased that I was able to incorporate, in the trim, a new technique that I have just recently learned; I was happy with the results and certainly plan on using it again!

The pillow turned out soft and 'cushy', and as my mom will be celebrating her 81st birthday in just a few days, I hope that she will be able to enjoy the 'simple comforts' of her new little pillow.

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