Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Soft Place to Land...

My Little French Sewing Room has a new addition, a lovely, soft, comfortable easy chair where I can sit  and do needle work and enjoy the sun as it streams through the window.  

I've always wanted a comfortable chair in this little room, and when blessed with a monetary birthday gift this year from my extended family it was a very appreciated birthday wish come true.  I had an old wooden stool that I had picked up at the Thrift Store ages ago, just dabbed a little Sharpie Black Felt Pen on the nicks and...voila!  A practical and convenient table for my tea and thimble.

I don't do a lot of sitting down these days it seems, but when I do, this lovely little easy chair is a simple comfort indeed!

Hmmm... now where is that Thrift Store foot stool that I was going to recover ... it would be a perfect height for this chair...

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