Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Sheets to the Wind!

Well, this was certainly a fun little project - it's amazing what you can make with a bed sheet!  I borrowed the pattern from my friend Linda and traced it onto wax paper before cutting it out.  My granddaughter has a little pair of matching capri's coming soon that will go nicely with her new summer top - which can also be worn by itself as a dress.

Cotton always feels so cool and refreshingly comfortable when the weather turns warm and I am so convinced of using bed sheets that I've stocked up and am starting to put together a few patterns for myself in the way of casual summer wear.

I made my first ever 'Yo Yo' on this project.  They seem to be all over everything in the stores this season... instead of paying store prices for the embellishment's, I'm thinking of turning plain T-shirts into more updated versions by adding a few Yo Yo's cut out of small fabric pieces already available in my fabric bin.

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